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Older couple lesbian relationship advice

Older couple lesbian relationship advice for the young ones


Older couple lesbian relationship adviceLesbian relationship advice are a dime a dozen, but there’s nothing like nuggets of experiential wisdom like older couple lesbian relationship advice.

Think about it: older couples– who’ve been together for decades– know what they’re saying when they give lesbian relationship advice.

They’ve not only experienced what it’s like not to have the legality of marriage and to hide their relationship in the closet, but also to do all of this under a wider blanket of discrimination.

So let’s listen to what they have to say.

Older couple lesbian relationship advice #1: Love and Hate

In a relationship, whether lesbian or straight, it would be best to expect that while there will be a lot of love, there will also be a lot of hate.

While it’s better if there is more love, don’t think that it’s the end of the world if you find yourselves hating each other.

As they say, the opposite of love isn’t hate but indifference. The relationship is only hopeless if you don’t care about each other anymore.

Older couple lesbian relationship advice #2: Knowing Yourself

A relationship depends a lot on the harmony between the two of you. Harmony comes both in knowing your partner well– and knowing yourself well.

There are people who bring out the bad side in us and there are those who bring out the good. There are people you fight often with, and there are those you’re surprisingly more patient.

Reflect on the relationship where you’re more at peace with, because you have more chances of being with them for a longer time.

Older couple lesbian relationship advice #3: The U-Haul Joke

Lesbians are known to fall in love too fast. In line with this, we’re quick to believe in the relationship wherein we move in together almost as soon as you meet.

This is why we have that second date U-Haul joke. But that’s where most relationship fail, i.e. in our rush to find true love.

One couple– who had been together for years– said: Give yourself enough time to see how things are going. If it’s going to be a long-term relationship, you’ll have lots of time.

Older couple lesbian relationship advice #4: Things will Change

If you expect to last, say, 30 years, don’t expect that you’ll stay the same through the years.

For long-term relationships, things will change. It will go up and down. It will break apart and be pieced together again. You will separate, and you fill face challenging times.

What’s important is you both learn how to adapt to the changes.

Older couple lesbian relationship advice #5: Physical Connection

By physical connection, it doesn’t always mean making love, although that’s part of it. It also means simple physical gestures like touching, kissing, and any kind of display of affection.

Keeping the physical connection keeps you emotionally connected as well.

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